Color vs. Monochrome

Historically, color print output was an expensive option for A/E/C firms.  At times, color printing costs exceeded 20x the cost of monochrome printing.  This is no longer the case.  Although color printing is still a little more expensive than monochrome, the gap is closing.  In today's A/E/C print environment, the value of color exceeds the price.

A study performed in the USA by The Economist discloses that costs related to mistakes, delays, and rework is somewhere in the range of 30% of project costs.  Color print output vastly improves the communication in the field, and reduces these types of unnecessary construction expenses (Quantifying the Benefits of Color).

One way to immediately quantify the benefit of color is to refer to scanned drawings that have been marked-up.  There are often times on-site alterations that are simply recorded by red lines.  Additionally, details or changes may be called out using color codes.  Scanning and reproducing marked-up drawings can quickly communicate these clarifications without assuming too much cost.

Here are some links that detail other areas of benefit when printing construction drawings in color:

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